Early Access: Vital Development Tool or Cash Grab?

Early access games are a pretty bizarre concept if you really think about it. In what other form of entertainment would you be willing to pay for something that’s unfinished? Would you buy a book that hasn’t been edited and... Read More

What Crisis on the Planet of the Apes says about the future of VR

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Paragon reveals the gap between game devs and fans

Online game with passionate fanbase shuts down, community screams in outrage, accusing the dev of pocketing money, betraying the community, and kicking puppies. Paragon, right? Actually, we had the exact same experience with a different game – Nether. And absolutely none... Read More

GDC tips for first-timers

GDC is on the horizon. For many aspiring devs, this year is their first time. And event as big as GDC, with so many experienced pros, can be intimidating. What do you need to know so you don’t end up... Read More

Organizing UE4 Blueprints

Blueprint can be… frustrating. But it can be slightly less frustrating if you take the time to organize it neatly and logically. It really doesn’t take that long and makes it much easier for everyone to understand what your Blueprint... Read More

Audio in VR

When it comes to VR game development, we usually think of the visual element first. And it’s obviously super important! But sound is just as important to building a convincing virtual world. In fact, the wrong audio can completely ruin... Read More

Creating Dense Foliage in VR: Part 2

This article reveals some important LOD techniques used to hit framerate when working with dense foliage in VR. Difficult even under normal circumstances, creating forests or jungles in VR means we really have to step up our game!... Read More

Creating Dense Foliage in VR: Part 1

As VR grows in popularity, new techniques for optimizing environments are rolling in all the time.  Since I just wrapped on a VR project, I thought I’d share some tricks I use to create dense foliage in scenes while keeping... Read More

Optimizing mobile VR character art

VR is a resource-hungry beast. So are characters. Doing them both on mobile means that you have to start planning right away for optimizing your mobile VR character art. You can’t get away with waiting until the last minute. Your... Read More

Mobile VR Design Tips

Mobile gaming is a huge market – and mobile VR is possibly the VR killer app waiting to happen. There’s obvious potential for the developer that can nail down mobile VR design! But what does it take to make a... Read More