[a]list thinks The Brookhaven Experiment Ups the Vive’s Fear Factor

Find the link here! With the commercial versions of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive releasing soon and a major announcement regarding the PlayStation VR expected during GDC this week, excitement over virtual reality is reaching an all-time high. However,... Read More

Polygon wonders how The Brookhaven Experiment came to be!

Polygon featured The Brookhaven Experiment as their main story this week! The first comment on the article is “Alright, I guess I’ll start saving for a Vive” 😄 How good are you with a gun? There is no aiming correction in... Read More

Gemini: Heroes Reborn Available Now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4

You can experience a world in which gifted individuals discover their own amazing powers and use them for purposes both good and nefarious. Gemini: Heroes Reborn, a new first-person action-adventure from developers Imperative Entertainment and Phosphor Games, tells an original... Read More

Heroes Reborn: Enigma shown love by Touch Arcade!

Here’s the full review from Touch Arcade for Heroes Reborn: Enigma! They gave it a 4/5.  I don’t know about all of you, but I was a pretty big Heroes fan when it was on TV. Yes, even beyond the... Read More

Corpse of Discovery is ‘Franz Kafka for the Twenty-Second Century’

Corpse of Discovery was reviewed by Kill Screen! It was given a 69/100. Here’s the full review: When we say something is Kafkaesque—beyond the obvious tautology of Kafka or his books—we generally mean that a particular something captures a spirit... Read More

Clean Energy, Fueled By A Video Game –Forbes Checks Out The Path to Luma!

A wonderful write up from Amy, be sure to check it out here! Electrons may be tiny, but they’re big business: The $375 billion US energy market exists in order to generate the electrons that provide 321 million Americans with... Read More

PCGamer shows off Corpse of Discovery’s Launch Trailer!

You can check it out on their site here! Corpse of Discovery was announced in July with an intriguing premise and a strangely creepy teaser. It’s a loose sci-fi twist on the Corps of Discovery that existed briefly in the... Read More

Touch Arcade Definitely Wouldn’t Mind Seeing More of The Path to Luma

Touch Arcade gave The Path to Luma a glowing review! Here’s the review in full. They gave it 4/5 stars. Most puzzle games don’t necessarily have an impactful message. I mean sure, some of them encourage critical thinking and educate... Read More

NRG tells their story about The Path To Luma

If you’d like to visit their site to read it, here’s the link! If you’re anything like the average person, you don’t spend much time thinking about where your energy comes from.  When your phone battery is running low, you find... Read More