Call of Duty Producer Joins Phosphor

  This past May Phosphor welcomed Keith “Morty” Morton to the team as Senior Games Producer. Morty brings to bear 20 plus years of experience in the game industry, including a 4 year stint as a Producer on the Call... Read More

Brookhaven will be supporting Sony’s AIM Controller for PSVR at launch!

You can check out their blog write-up here! Here’s what we wrote: It was always our dream as little kids to be able to take the arcade shoot ’em up into our living room. We could have never imagined that more... Read More

Ford built a High-Tech Hub in New York that Features our Future Mobility VR Experience!

Feel free to read it on Digital Trends here. Ford isn’t just a car company anymore. As a part of its effort to build a portfolio of products that empower smarter cities, the car-maker has opened its first FordHub in... Read More

Our Partnership with Ford!

We’re proud to team up with Ford to help envision the future of technology and mobility in automobiles. Detroit Free Press checked out our two projects, Last Mile and Future Mobility VR Experience and loved them. Check out their write... Read More

Waypoint thinks Gemini: Heroes Reborn was “Totally Good!”

Patrick had this to say about the game: I almost put this on my list out of principle; it’s a game that should have been bad but wasn’t! In fact, it was totally good. Ignore the Heroes brand and play... Read More

The Brookhaven Experiment unleashes on PSVR!

We at Phosphor are huge fans of survival horror, going back to the original Resident Evil and Silent Hill games on Playstation. Virtual reality seemed like the perfect medium to express the sense of terror and helplessness you feel in... Read More

GAMBLIT Brings The Brookhaven Experiment Into Casinos

Venturebeat has their writeup about it here. Gamblit Gaming has teamed up with Phosphor Games to take the virtual reality shooter game The Brookhaven Experiment into land-based casinos as part of an attempt to target younger gamblers. Younger folks visit... Read More

Brookhaven is reviewed by UploadVR: Bigger, Better, and Scarier Than Ever

Visit their site and check out the full review here! They gave it an 8/10. POSITIVES – Grotesquely beautiful visuals – Bone-chilling use of 3D spatial audio – Excellent pacing throughout Campaign and Survival modes – Truly terrifying moments of stressful... Read More

The Brookhaven Experiment is incredibly popular in China!

CHICAGO, IL – May 12, 2016 – Phosphor Games today announced an agreement with Shunwang to put its soon-to-be released HTC Vive game, The Brookhaven Experiment into special VR Zones in Shunwang’s 100,000 Chinese gaming cafes. Shunwang operates over 70%... Read More

Engadget raves about The Brookhaven Experiment in their HTC Vive review!

Here’s the full review if you want to check it out! Here’s their write-up on The Brookhaven Experiment: And who doesn’t love abandoned parking lots with horrific monstrosities hunting you down in virtual reality? I got to live that horror... Read More