Touch Arcade Definitely Wouldn’t Mind Seeing More of The Path to Luma

Touch Arcade gave The Path to Luma a glowing review! Here’s the review in full. They gave it 4/5 stars. Most puzzle games don’t necessarily have an impactful message. I mean sure, some of them encourage critical thinking and educate... Read More

NRG tells their story about The Path To Luma

If you’d like to visit their site to read it, here’s the link! If you’re anything like the average person, you don’t spend much time thinking about where your energy comes from.  When your phone battery is running low, you find... Read More

Announcing The Path to Luma, A Phosphor Games Studio Original

From Mashable: The Path to Luma, developed by Phosphor Games, centers on a robot named SAM (short for Sustainable Augmentation Model), who’s sent out by his homeworld to revitalize planets that have grown brown and dreary from resource overuse. Each... Read More

Mashable Says The Path to Luma Makes You Think

Here’s the full excerpt from the excellent article from Mashable. Whether they run on power cables or rechargeable batteries, video games have a codependent relationship with energy. So when a game asks you to think about the wheres and whys... Read More

An Open Letter to our Fans: On Project Awakened and the state of Nether

Phosphor Games Studio prides ourselves in making great games, both published and original.  Since we started in 2009, we’ve worked on and released 8 games and have 4 new games announced and releasing soon. We’re really proud of what we’ve... Read More

Announcing Heroes Reborn: Gemini and Heroes Reborn: Enigma!

Direct from IGN: Developed by Phosphor Games and published by Imperative Entertainment and NBC Universal Television, Two Heroes Reborn video games will be released this September to accompany the upcoming 13-episode mini-series on NBC. Heroes Reborn, airing September 24, takes... Read More

WWE Immortals is out now!

Phosphor Games is proud to be working on WWE Immortals and we’re pleased to announce that the game is out now on iOS and Android! iOS – Android- Read More

Announcing WWE Immortals; Warner Bros Publishing

WWE and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are creating WWE Immortals, a free-to-play mobile game that will feature epic Superstar battles in a fantastically re-imagined WWE world. WWE Immortals is being developed by NetherRealm Studios, the creators of the best-selling Mortal... Read More

The Dark Meadow strikes again!

For this Halloween season, we were featured through Apple’s App Store for “Scary Games” as well as through a number of sites for featured Halloween Games on iOS and Android. Thanks for the love everyone and we always love when... Read More

Announcing WARP; DeNA Publishing

  Phosphor Games Studio announced Warriors of the Red Planet: WARP! A thrilling 3v3 platformer style game for iOS and Android devices. The title was featured on TouchArchade earlier this week.... Read More